Principal Activities

EMS Technologies primarily focuses on serving the needs of large-scale physical network businesses, particularly Government, Utilities and Factories. We have a unique blend of core competencies including expertise in real time systems, spatial and telecommunication. This expertise is leveraged through a range of services including applications development, systems integration and information systems management. The delivery of service is provided by service delivery arms, which are totally focused on improving the level of service.
EMS Techologies represents World Class Companies with reputed and proven solutions in this realm. The SCADA Systems we represent are namely from;

- RTUnet Australia (KingFisher Remote Terminal Units)
- Hansen Technologies Australia
- Logica Pty Ltd
- Transmission U.K
- Johnson Data and Telemetry Modems USA
- Jekyll Electronics U.K

Our service offerings are underpinned by a broad range of products for systems including:

From Stand-alone systems to Major Client Server Operational Centers for State Wide Water Resource management, Sophisticated Treatment Plant Control systems, Power Transmission and Distribution systems, we at EMS Technologies as systems Engineers specialize in putting into service, emerging and time-tested technologies. by combining SCADA and the necessary integrated products, EMS Technologies strategically implements state of the art SCADA Solutions involving various communication infrastructures that addresses the specific business objectives of our customers.

We offer a range of products to assist in the implementation of Process Control systems. These products range from field instrumentation to complex PLC based control systems. We extend our services by providing assessment of existing systems within the Factories/plants to include our upgrade of DCS's, PLC's, SCADA and Asset Management systems.

EMS Technologies supplies and support a range of products from industry leaders in AMR systems. EMS Technologies is the first company in Malaysia to implement a state wide Automatic Meter Reading system (for Selangor Water Works).
Our range of products provides a cost effective way to Automate a Utility company's Meter to achieve effective and error free meter reading. Our solutions utilises PSTN, GSM, SMS & GPRS based technologies.

EMS Technologies through its partners Hansen Australia, provides software that manages all types of assets through their entire life cycle, from creation to disposal or retirement. The software enables managers and engineers to make informed decisions about whether they should continue to maintain an assets or replace. It ensures that maintenance is performed in the most cost-effective way.