Company Profile

EMS Technologies Sdn Bhd is a systems engineering company whose primary force is on real time and control systems engineering. Management and staff at EMS Technologies provide a wealth of knowledge and experience covering a broad range of services within this realm. our competitive advantage is our operational knowledge and experience which gives us a profound understanding of how engineering systems can help the performance of our client's business.
More importantly, the management team helming the company has hands-on experience, knowledge and expertise on systems supplied by the company - thereby ensuring our clients that they will not be stuck with a system devoid of any support.


"Our Mission is to provide an Effective Managed Solution to each of our Clients unique requirements".

Good Systems are not merely bought... they are carefully implemented. EMS Technologies provides a customer approach to every situation. At EMS Technologies we aim to be a leader in providing world class system solutions by strategic planning and implementation. EMS Technologies is geared to providing quality services to address concurrent client assignments across a range of diverse organizations.